08 February 2009

And Just Where Have You Been?!

I was doing this imaginary interview in my mind, from an anonymous blog reader with me...

Blog Reader: So, why haven't you been posting?
Me: I'm super busy!
Blog Reader: With knitting?
Me: Well... no.
Blog Reader: With Nathan?
Me: No more than normal.
Blog Reader: Then what are you doing that you're so busy that you can't post?
Me: mumble, mumble
Blog Reader: What was that?
Me: I'm playing a videogame and reading FEEDS, okay? It takes time to read eight billion knitting blogs on a daily basis, you know! And my characters are not going to level themselves while I just sit around knitting and blogging, are they?
Blog Reader: You should be ashamed of yourself.

I have imaginary conversations between myself and others all the time, but this time I decided to take the advice of my imaginary harasser and post!

Anyway, since I have little knitting progress to speak of ("knit some more on the never ending Slytherin scarf, tried to pretend my socks dropped off the face of the Earth"), I thought I'd highlight four craft projects that have caught my eye over the last several months.

1) Sophy's Shalom: I love everything about this. The color is great. The stitches look so even and nice. The buttons are sweet. Sophy has stated that she does not wear it much, but I think it's a winner in the pictures, at least.

2) Jackie's Charade Socks: It's the last project on this post. I adore the pattern of this sock, but, it turns out that I only love it when combined with a darker sock yarn such as the Dream in Color Smooshy's November Muse. I've looked at the Ravelry project page for this pattern, and I would never have said I loved the pattern based on the majority of the results I found, but Jackie's socks inspired me to add the pattern to my queue.

3) Joli House's Dublin Bay Socks: This is a case where a blog I read introduced me to both a new sock pattern that I loved and a sock yarn that is both variegated and subtle. I've seen tons of socks using this pattern that I like, which is nice, but not rare. However, I rarely find sock yarns that are variegated and subtle. YAY!

4) The Yarniad's Simplicity 6197, View F: While I enjoy sewing, and I find that many people make stuff that looks okay, I do not often think to myself, "I wish I had that piece" when I see hand made items. This skirt, however, speaks to me. I love it. I found myself mentally checking my wardrobe to see what would go with it. I love the color, the way the pleats fall. I considered making myself my own version! A winner.

And that is it for today, folks. I'll get back to you soon, hopefully, with my own knitting results!

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