25 February 2011


Why was I the last person ever to know that Oliver + S's designer was planning on making patterns for women with Simplicity?!

I'm not even joking -- I love this designer and her use of cottons.  She makes me want to wear yellow.  And I really should not do that.

04 February 2011

Just To Inform You

I do plan to put a tutorial for making the icing and icing the cookies you've been seeing me churn out either on my blog or Helen's blog.

I'm currently waiting on determining the final design of some cookies I've got planned.

Also, someone with a new baby who occasionally blogs here with me should start looking to her own Monkey socks. A certain ninja kitten just started her first heel.

02 February 2011

Still Creating, I Swear

I just am not creating anything fabric-y.

Some Cookies I Made

My obsession nowadays is cookies. They taste so good too!

But, fear not, I've started to knit once again. I shall show you the Monkey sock that I've secretly plugged away at over the last week when I get up the energy to post photos again of my knitting.