02 February 2011

Still Creating, I Swear

I just am not creating anything fabric-y.

Some Cookies I Made

My obsession nowadays is cookies. They taste so good too!

But, fear not, I've started to knit once again. I shall show you the Monkey sock that I've secretly plugged away at over the last week when I get up the energy to post photos again of my knitting.


Unknown said...

Would Ms. Kitten be willing to share her icing recipe and what sort of food coloring she's using? Maybe some guides? ;)

Thanks to you and some cute cutters I found, I'm now obsessed with making beautiful cookies!

bookwormbethie said...

hey, it's miss knitpicky from flickr, hi!

anyway, beautiful cookies!!!! i often find that even if i'm not embroidering or sewing, that as long as i'm trying a new recipe or baking something up in the kitchen, that my creative needs are being met ;)