23 April 2009

My Craft Plans

Sophy made a nice comment on my last post telling me that she was interested in WIP posts because they show that blogger are human rather than finishing machines who only do perfect projects. I think she might be correct, but I need more photos of Works in Progress then. For instance, this blog post? No photos, so I know it'll be a dud. Oh well. It is mainly for myself anyway.

How do I plan to make myself craft more nowadays? One, I'm going to try to get off the computer earlier in the evening. That means Flickring and Facebooking and blogging and everything else early in the evening if possible.

Two, I'm going to assign times/days to projects. Here is how it goes.

Sunday -- cross-stitch
Monday -- the scarf
Tuesday -- my boxers
Wednesday -- the socks
Thursday -- nathan's pjs

On the weekends, I can work on any project I want. In the car, I can work on the scarf or socks. I can change days between projects if I feel like it, but I can't work on something for two of the assigned days.

Let's see how this goes. I'm feeling a little anxious about it for now.


Unknown said...

I think a system like this would stifle my creativity. I'll be interested to hear how it works out for you.

sophy said...

i often feel like i have no discipline... when i try to box myself into plans (i'll do this today and that tomorrow) it never works out.

so, i've pretty much accepted that i may talk a lot of talk about what i intend to do (on my blog for all the world to see), but i'm just going to do whatever i want to do... even if it's nothing i mentioned before...

perhaps it keeps my readers on their toes, wondering what i'm up to now; cause, crap it, i haven't blogged for a while...

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