26 May 2009

Doing Something, Anything

Guess what I've been doing?

Sewing WIP

I've not been doing a ton, but I did cut out some boxers and mark them up. Don't you love the Chinoiserie fabric? Mmm...

Boxer Fabric Laid Out

I have no idea if, when sewn up, the pattern's "up" will be the same as the boxers' "up", if you know what I mean. The fabric is from Joann and it is part of Alexander Henry Fabrics collection from 2006.

Hopefully, by next week, I'll have some pictures of a finished project to show you, and possibly some updates on my other projects, and a picture of my beautifully wound Schaefer Anne yarn. Unlike the Socks That Rocks fiasco, things are already looking good. The yarn cake, newly wound, was gorgeous rather than frightening. Thanks, Christy, for helping me with that.

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Sophy said...

oooh. i need to do some serious fabric shopping... after the move...