02 May 2009

Liar, Liar, Socks On Fire

Dude, two years ago, I wouldn't have been blogging on a Friday night unless it was to tell you all my plans to marry Gambit from the X-Men movie, because back then I would have seen it on a Friday night and I would have gone to the eleven o'clock showing. How life has changed.

Remember those plans I had? What a liar I am. I'm the biggest liar ever. I was going to say I was the worst liar ever, but I am actually a fairly decent liar. Anyway, my lie? I was going to cross-stitch last night! Ha. I finished my ugly socks instead.

Horrible Socks

Project: Ugly Anklets (ravel it!)
Pattern: My standard anklet pattern
Yarn: Blue Moon's Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Rare (UGLY!) Gems colorway
Needles: Lantern Moon Size 2 Ebony needles. YUM.

I'm not going to lie to you, folks. I have no great love for these socks. They are too wide for my feet. They aren't pretty. They were not a pleasure to knit, even, since I had so much hate for the fact they looked horrible while I was knitting a real sock pattern. Ugh.

Yuck Socks

I tried to take nice pictures of my ugly socks. However, the pure hideousness of the socks drowns out any nice qualities of the photos.

You all realize that in one year, these will be my favorite socks ever, right? They will somehow be the most perfectly soft socks I've ever knit, or something. Or more hopefully, they'll felt when I throw them into the washer/dryer and I'll have a legit excuse for throwing out the rest of this yarn.

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Helen said...

Ah well. At least now the socks are done, and you still get to see Gambit tonight.

That last post was removed because it somehow resubmitted my last comment to your blog!