10 September 2009

Ravelry is powered by 10 calculators and a puppy on a treadmill.

One of the many things I do in real life is blog and tweet about email. So, I keep an eye on a bunch of feeds to supply me with materials. Then, in yesterday's review, I came across a post about the backend of Ravelry.

Reading this post, the very first thing I wanted to do was go buy something from their store. I would call Ravelry one of the most useful websites I've ever encountered. It's got SO MUCH. And it's basically running out of a paper box. Ok, not that bad, but they are running a LOT of stuff on a very little hardware (and Amazon S3), and they're bootstrapping the whole company from their ads and tee shirt sales and donations.

So, if you love Ravelry, and you've been thinking one of those tee shirts is pretty cute, but maybe a little pricey, remember, you're supporting a good cause!

P.S. Cooking is a craft! I'm doing crafting! I'm just blogging about it somewhere else. Also, who wants french fry grease on their sweaters? Yuck.

P.P.S. Are y'all noting the awesome new URL of this blog? Jenn rocks!


Sophy said...

i knoticed! ;D and have already updated my links to your page. get back to knitting! or sewing! or cross-stitching!

Unknown said...

I always make sure to purchase items I like from the Ravelry store since I know that's what they're running the site on. It means lots of cute tees and accessories for me!

KidSmartyPants said...

I've got nothing to add, other than I really enjoyed the title of this post. Very amusing.