06 April 2010

I Heart Winning

Box Of Goodies!

Not so recently, Chappy's Mom hosted a contest in which she was trying to encourage people to watch Chuck. I already watch it, but, due to that, I was prepared to take her quiz and answer her questions! I did so and she politely wrote to me, right after Nathan's latest asthma flare, that I had won the contest.

That seemed the ideal time to check out what the prize was. No, really. I entered the contest solely for my love of Chuck and to spite people who disagreed with her Ravelry forum post. That's the way I roll -- entering contests to spite people who will never realize they've been spited.

It turns out I won twelve(!!!!11!) skeins of Sublime yarn, a knitting DVD, and season one of Chuck on Blu-Ray. I was pretty psyched, especially since I had expected the prize to be something like a skein of dishcloth cotton. Not that I don't love dishcloth cotton! But, beautiful cashmere, silk, merino yarn?


Some Sublime Yarn.

I shall say it again.


Some Sublime Yarn.

That was me gloating, by the way.

Thank you, Deb. I highly encourage you all to check out her blog(s). She's got nice photographs and she can write nicely. You all know that I don't have much higher praise than that for a blog.

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