31 March 2010

Listen, Peeps, I'm Not Sorry

Just because I've been gone for more than a month doesn't mean that you can judge me. So what if I haven't been posting? I've got reasons! I've got excuses! You can't just say that it's laziness or a failing on my part.

Well, none of you have said that, technically. In fact, I'm sure most of you haven't even noticed I've gone missing other than saying to yourself, "I haven't heard much about any Slytherin scarves recently". FINE! So you're saying I've been avoiding my own blog out of shame for no particular reason?!

Here's what happened. In my last posts, I was going to visit Paul in Massachusetts where I was going to knit like mad during the Olympics. That was a success. Then, I got home, and was preparing myself to finish up my scarf during the second week of Olympics when Nathan came down with a cold.

As some of you might guess, this was not a small thing in which my baby clings to me for a few days and I nurse him with juice and soup. This was warfare on my part. See, Nathan is prone to asthma attacks and ear infections while sick and his last three colds had ended in hospital stays. With this cold, I promptly went on the attack right back at it with regular doses of nebulized drugs and warm steamy baths and humidification of his room and baby Motrin. This meant that approximately two hours of any given day was spent holding him while I gave him breathing treatments. Another few hours would be holding him while he watched television or played with trains. I was sleeping approximately five hours a day, broken into hour or two hour sections. After approximately ten days, Nathan was better, and I was sick and the Olympics were over and I knew I wouldn't finish the scarf in time for the end of winter.

This is when I gave up hope of ever knitting or sewing or cross stitching again. (Remember, I was sick and delusional.) I laid around, coughing, and watching season one of Psych. By the time I was better, I was also bitter at the world for making me fail at Ravolympics. I decided my time was better spent reading and playing Final Fantasy XIII.

So, it's only within the last week that I've actually pulled out my knitting again. As it turns out? I'm about twenty rounds from finishing this scarf. See, I didn't buy the second skein of grey yarn like I thought I had, so this scarf will only have thirteen unlucky striped sections before I finish it. If I manage to knit tonight, I might actually get this scarf off my needles in time for the eighty degree weather we're having this week. Awesome.

Anyway, welcome back to my blog. I'm sorry I avoided you and tried to pretend you didn't exist. It was me, not you. I'd spend more time chatting you up and getting a feel for where you are, but I've been avoiding my Flickr account and my Facebook games and I need to go make up with them too.


Silvercharmster said...

I'm right there with you - my blog has been languishing for months! But, since I only have about 3 readers, I don't believe anyone has noticed. Good luck on the scarf - I love it when you can start a row count-down!

Unknown said...

Hehe, welcome back! Since I'm on FB with you, I already had a good idea of why you weren't posting. Kind of hard to post when kiddles are sick. And I feel you on the weather: we broke 90° which made it very difficult to want to work on anything.

mermaids said...

glad everyone is feeling better. i have one who would lapse into asthma hell when he got sick. it has been years since his last asthma attack, but i still get a panicky feeling when he announces that he is not feeling well.