23 August 2010

I'm Very Confused Right Now

Pro: Got my iPhone and my new laptop.

Con: Lost my use of Photoshop due to the fact that CS2 can't be used with Windows 7. This means no new photos for the blog unless they're kind of crappy iPhone photos.

Pro: Sewing and knitting a bit!

Con: Lots more stuff I want to sew and knit and cross-stitch.

Con: Not enough due to this new laptop.

Pro: Saw Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. It rocked my world.

Con: No cons on this one besides it'll be a while before I see another movie I like as much and I can't go to see it again immediately as I'm a responsible parent.

Pro: I'm going to the shore next week. Lots of knitting time for the nub's blanket!

Con: The yarn I am using, while reasonably soft and machine washable clearly has production issues. The most recent skein I've used had three knots and a weak spot that broke when I tugged on it. Each of those knots was cut out and I just started with the remainder of the skein so that there would be no knots in this darling baby's blanket. That means an extra eight ends to be woven in for that single skein. Stupid Bernat Cottontots. That'll teach me to get yarn because it looks nice yet not overly expensive.

Pro: I'm going to Helen's tomorrow for baked brie.

Con: I always have a hard time leaving our house when my son is awake.

Well, until I decide if I'm going to break down and buy another copy of a more recent version of Photoshop, you might be getting less frequent photo updates of my life. Because, as we all know, why bother if you don't have photos? (If you read this and don't use photos, please excuse my jerkiness. I probably still love your blog, and at least you know you have good content.)

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Helen said...

I know you take everything Louis says very seriously, but it *is* possible to have pictures without post-processing!