10 January 2009

2009 Crafting Resolutions

I know that I owe some other posts to you guys (and that's how you know I'm from Philly, 'you guys'!), but I need to get my resolutions out before this year passes, you dig?

So, without further ado, here are some of my crafting resolutions. These are the resolutions I've thought of in the last two minutes or so.

1. I will make more cupcakes. I've been wanting to improve my cake decorating skills, but solely in the field of cupcakes. What am I waiting for? How will I ever make the best cupcakes in the world if I don't start improving my skillz?

2. I'd like to make some holiday pillowcases using my sewing skills. ANY HOLIDAY will work at this point, and I'm counting birthdays as a holiday. These pillowcases would be for my bed pillows.

3. I'd like to make Paula (and myself) some Halloween table napkins, much like my Thanksgiving napkins. In fact, I'd just like to make some more table napkins since I feel fancy when I use them, and they're now out of season.

4. Knit with Malabrigo yarn.

5. Use up some of my stash.

6. Knit several pairs of socks, but try Shaeffer Anne, Dream in Color Smooshy, and Duet Sock Yarn for some of those socks.

7. Sew a skirt.

8. Learn the skills to make my favorite dress pattern ever. I don't need to make the dress this year, but I need to get more skills.

9. Blog at least once a week.

10. Knit a sweater.

11. Lose some damned weight. (Only crafting related because it means I can buy less yarn/fabric to make clothing items!)

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