30 January 2009

Two Posts in One

So, I haven't been posting, and unlike most times, it is not because I've ceased crafting. It is because I'm a lazy jerk who values reading crappy books and playing silly videogames over blogging at times. I know! I suck. Also, Facebook (FRIEND ME!) and Flickr. They kill me by sucking up time.

Anyway, as I've said, I've been crafting. Helen has been knitting and favoriting fingerless mitts on Ravelry, and finally we decided to do a KAL on two different mitts. The first was Sophy's pattern, the Friendship Fingerless Mitts (ravel it). I finished those very quickly and will have pictures of it in Ravelry and on my blog soon! I will gush over them appropriately in their own post. We plan to do the Endpaper Mitts next, but I need to get the yarn, as does Helen. (This will be my first foray into colorwork!)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Helen is the fastest knitter in the world, and she is once again tempting me to try my hand at Continental knitting. Is it that much faster or is she just a very quick knitter? She's made a bevy of adorable hats, and if she does Thorpe, I might ask for a KAL on that too since my brother-in-law wants that.

I also did a burp cloth or two for my sewing. They are cute, but nothing spectacular, so no pics, and no love for them. (I will note that one is an adorable flannel one with penguins sledding. I love the fabric's whimsy.)

Now, as to Podcasts -- some updates first. Knitting at Night has gone by the wayside of my podcasts, and I deleted it from my subscriptions last night. It was a fine podcast, but the podcaster never managed to get organized. I liked her conversational style, but others such as Never Not Knitting do it better and more smoothly. As I have a limited amount of time and a numerous amount of podcasts, I dropped it. I'm thinking of dropping Knit Pick's Podcast. I still like it, but Kelley seems to only do interviews any more, and I don't even super care for her essays lately. Her voice is very stilted and slow during those sections, while being so much more spontaneous during her "What I'm Knitting Now" sections. I've been sticking with it, though, because I still like the odd show enough to keep with it.

I've tried Sticks and Strings, and I liked the latest episodes well enough to go back and listen to some of the early ones. The same is true of DestiKnit. I will give an in-depth review of both soon. I've only listened to three of DestiKnit, and six of Sticks and Strings, so I want to listen to a bit more of each before giving a more final word on them.

So, posts I want to do in the future: highlighting other people's finished projects, comment answers, and Friendship Fingerless Mitts finished project page!

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Anonymous said...

i've been letting my blogging slide as well... i mean, i used to blog "works in progress" but no longer ;D

but yay! fingerless mitts! though i've been think of non-fingerless mitts lately, like bella's mittens and Jared Flood's gloves...