12 April 2009

Crafting Failure

I was all going to blog about how I was a failure at crafting this weekend, which I totally was, but then I got all excited because my blogger account told me someone was following this blog. That might, or might not, have caused me to wibble. I love you, new follower. (I also get ridiculously excited when I find that new people are following me in Google Reader and when I check my Google Analytics.)

Anyway, my crafting failures. It's not even that I'm a failure, so much as a slacker. I really want to sew all the damned time, and I picked up new patterns from Jo-Ann Fabrics, but I am not sewing. My reasons for not sewing are as follows: (a) I don't feel like setting up my machine and sewing EQ just to have to put it all back when I'm done with it, (b) I need to learn how to put in zippers, (c) I hate ironing and washing fabric prior to cutting it out, (d) I always wish I was losing more weight so I could fit into smaller sizes, (e) I need to figure out how to use interfacing, (f) I wish I had a serger, which is dumb, (g) I need to figure out how to use the twin needle aspect of my machine, (h) have I mentioned that setting up and taking down my sewing stuff and ironing stuff is annoying because I also have to clear out my crafting area, and (i) I'm always washing more dishes. I'm not even joking about (i). How can one house full of two adults and a baby produce this many dishes and this quantity of dirty clothes?

So, clearly, in my next house, my ideal would be to have a crafting area where I did not have to break down/set up my sewing machine. I even have a color theme in mind for it already. It will also be my gift wrapping station/card writing area/place to be awesome. (And maybe I'll get a pony for my backyard too.)

I also failed at sewing, but I think it is because I hate the sock yarn I'm using more than anything I've ever knit with before in my life and that includes dish cloth cotton and cheap acrylic. The worst part is that this is such soft yarn. But it is so ugly. People, if any of you have size six to size seven and a half feet, tell me if you want a pair of wool anklets in UGLY yarn colors. I will post a picture when I'm done with them. I will mail them to you. Seriously. I will include a thank you card for taking them. I might even include some cookies in this package. Here is the yarn I'm using for these ugly ugly socks that I hate.

Socks that Rock

How dare you look so nice in skein form, bastard yarn! I should just go back to working on my Slytherin Scarf, but I feel like I need to be freed from the burden of these horrible socks first. I am close to completing my first sock, but I spent two hours or so today looking for my measuring tape. Location: my hoodie pocket for some reason. The hoodie that I wear once every two months.

Other crafting failures? Actually, I haven't worked with my cardmaking/scrapbooking in forever, so no failures on that front. Also, I totally made cookie dough that Paul dosed out and baked. I love the actual mixing of ingredients. Once you get to the part where you have to bake the stuff, however? I lose all interest.

Oh, and going back to sewing, I finally decided I needed to get over my zipper fear, so I cut out two pieces of fabric for a cute little pencil case. That is right, folks, I'm going to make a pencil case. I don't need it, but it's going to be cute regardless. I love all cute stationary/school supply items. Cute erasers? I'm in heaven! Cute plastic rulers with Hello Kitty on them? Give 'em here! Cute stickers? I could collect them by the thousands. I got all excited recently when I discovered my secret awesome stash of Korean manhwa stationary at my mom's house. I plan to bring it home and photograph it. Having a cute pencilcase will most likely make me happy. If not, I have a million nieces. One of them is bound to think it is adorable.

Do boys even like cute school supplies such as pencil cases? Sigh. I love my son, but I know jack squat about boys.


Unknown said...

Hehe, I would be your new follower. (Dirge from Gaia or Wit from Ravelry.)

I love cute stationary too and have been collecting it since I was 5 or 6! I have a HUGE Hello Kitty pencil collection.

sophy said...

i'm still trying to gift away my hello kitty stationary ;D dude. when my cousins started grade school, they "sat me down" and told me that it was okay if i never gave them hello kitty notebooks, pens, or stickers again. i was crushed.

Helen said...

That yarn does look so cute in skeins. Sadness.