28 June 2009

Why I Am The Worst Knitter Ever

So, as you all know, I've been knitting this stupid mindless Slytherin scarf since last October. I'm on the seventh out of fifteen large blocks of color and I have just been trying to crank through this. I try to get a round a night, at least, since the beginning of June, and some nights much more. However, I just read a thread of Ravelry which had the following type of conversation:

Original Poster: How long will this take me to knit?
Reply 1: I knit it in two weeks!
Reply 2: I knit it in a month and a half, but back then I was a new knitter!
Reply 3: It took me a month, but I was always busy back then.
Reply 4: Two weeks!

WTF, people? What am I doing wrong? Seriously? It's a 90 stitch round, and you have to do 27 rounds of it per color block, and then you're switching yarns like crazy for the next few sections, and weaving them all in, and then you're back to another huge color block. How are you doing this in two weeks? My gosh, do I really need to learn the Continental method of knitting?

I feel like such a failure at knitting. I mean, not only am I the slowest knitter on Earth, but my Schaeffer Anne socks? I had to rip them completely out and re-start due to the fact that I knit a size too small socks on size zero needles. I knit out one inch of fabric.

On the other hand, I beaded and made myself a cute little pair of earrings! Pics to come in my next post, hopefully. Helen made better earrings, and I hope she'll post them to her blog, so I can link to her post.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't say you're doing it wrong, you're doing it at your own pace. Some people are faster then others are or they're dedicating more time. If you're doing only a round a night, well, that's going to take you almost a month just to do one of your color blocks.

Knitting is not a competitive sport. ;)

Little Munchkins said...

I can't get the tension right when knitting so I have given up for now. At least you are still persevering which is good.

I have picked up crochet now. Progress is faster and rewarding for me since I don't have tension issues with that.