05 August 2009

Crafting is hard. Let's go shopping!

(Note: I'm blogging this because Jenn is not online right now, and we don't really call each other. Like, ever. Whenever I do call her, and it's not because we have plans that day, I start the call with, "nothing is wrong," so she doesn't think I'm bleeding to death or that Pobox has exploded.)

Jenn has been trying to talk me into taking up sewing. You know, because between knitting and beading and cooking and blogging and photography, I probably don't have enough hobbies these days. I told her, "If I have a cute girl baby, who I can get away with just swaddling in a cute fabric sack and calling it a dress, I will take up sewing, but I don't see it happening before that." But you know it is. Someone proposes an idea, and you dismiss it, and then you start thinking about it....

I'm not ready to take up sewing. But I may be ready to take up that gateway drug, fabric buying.

(Thanks, spool blog, for the pic)

My bed is from IKEA (ok, my apartment contents are from IKEA -- ooh, and not to digress or anything, but the new catalog came today!!!) I got one that's padded all the way around, because, let's face it, I'm a klutz, and I bruise more easily than a ripe peach. It has this delightful green fabric cover, which I love, but it's 7 years old, and my bedroom gets a ton of sun, and, well.... it's faded. It's getting to be a pea soup green instead of a grassy spring green.

I've seen all those home makeover shows, and I know that all I need to refresh this piece of furniture is some cloth, an iron and a staple gun. That is easy! I know how to staple!

(Another digression - a friend recently unearthed some high school pics of me refreshing my bedroom furniture with paint. Thanks, Sassy. You were such an inspiration to me in my youth.)

So, Jenn, when do you want to hit some fabric stores?


Unknown said...

Ooh, if you do redo your bed frame, I would love to see pictures of it on the blog. I haven't been gutsy enough to try this yet.

Kitten said...

Heh. I think I don't talk to you on the phone because I have a hard time hearing you when you walk through your wind tunnels and then I feel rude saying, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" eighteen hundred times.

Also, I think I send out angry vibes on the phone. Anyway, yes to shopping. Do you want to hit cheap-o Jo-Ann, expensive but gorgeous Spool, or somewhere on fabric row?

bookwormbethie said...

yup, i totally started buying fabric before i even had a sewing machine, oh girl, i think you are getting hooked ;)