05 August 2009

Summer Downtime

Don't you love how every knitting blog in the whole universe is suddenly either shutting down, talking about gardening or sewing, or simply discussing vacation plans?

I've not been knitting much myself. I keep going on the sock, but I appear to have lost my tape measure to one of Nathan's daily playtimes, so I need to order another one (or two or three). It is way too hot to knit on a long wool scarf that weighs a lot. Truth be told, Nathan has been so active and whining recently, that by the time night rolls around, I just want to read a book or my blogs and then go to bed. I do read a lot now. That library reserve feature has revolutionized my life once again.

I haven't been sewing or cross-stitching either and I miss both. I might close up shop on the computer early tonight to cross-stitch. It's a quiet activity that allows me to focus on the television, so I can watch things like the third season of Gilmore Girls in peace.

What's up with you, internet? Have you been shutting down for the summer too? Going to the shore? Or are you knitting away like some of my friends?


marlie said...

I have been knitting, but mostly projects that I started in the spring/early summer, and now that almost all of them are wrapped up, I haven't really started anything new.

I actually need to start working on my Christmas/winter birthday knitting, as I have the holidays plus a bunch of birthdays in the winter. I already purchased most of the yarn that I'll need, but I realized that I'm really un-motivated to start new knitting projects that require heavy worsted, aran or bulky weight yarn now that it's as humid and stuffy as it's been in the last few weeks.

Reading... that's a good idea for what I should be doing with my free time for the rest of the summer...

Unknown said...

Well, you already know I'm still knitting away: I'm working mainly in fingering weight wools or cotton blends right now. I have so much stash and so many projects, if I stopped, I'd be buried. :P

I make it a point to try and turn off the computer around 10pm so that I can wind down for bed working on something crafty or journaling.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it's not just me that has the its-summer-and-I-really-haven't-been-knitting-much bug!