09 July 2010

Such a cheaky monkey.

Four weeks ago today, a dear friend and exceptionally talented knitter lost her fight with lung cancer. How talented? She was a professional knitter. She knit the sample projects at Loop. She knit a hat for a movie. She made this!


It's deeply sad to think that Amy will never come to another knitting, that she's really gone. Amy was the heart and soul of our group, the person who roped in strangers at concerts, parks and just walking down the street to come be part of our group. For every death, there is a sense that it is too soon, too unfair, but she was just so incredibly lively and wonderful and memorable that it seems particularly keen.

Amy had a giant yarn stash, a million books and magazines, and quite a few unfinished projects. Her family proposed that the projects be divvied up amongst her knitters for completion. Knitting was a great source of joy for her, and going through her yarn, taking on her projects, dreaming up new destinies for the yarn in her stash -- it just feels like a wonderful way to honor her life.

My mission, which I chose to accept:

cheaky monkey

Complete Amy's Monkey socks (ravelry). Note: I have never knit a sock before. I am counting entirely on Jenn to be my sock guru on this project. She suggested a knitalong. This might be possible, if only because I am already 50% ahead. :) These had been designated for Amy herself, so on completion, I am free to keep them myself (if they are mangled and horrible), or gift them to another knitter (if Amy's good example and Jenn's direction guide me to a pleasing outcome.)

Her stash was a mix between huge loads of yarn, and single skeins. (I laughed to see that Amy also did not dispose of her skein ends!) I took these two skeins:

something for the nub

I figured on making something for the nub with the yellow cotton. The purple (maybe it's more merlot, actually) Koigu was too pretty to just leave, but I don't have a project in mind yet. And then, for myself:

a memory bag

Three skeins of Blue Sky Suri Merino in lovely, lovely crimson. It's nearly 500 yards, for which a suitable project must be found. Perhaps a wrap? I also took her bird project bag, which is very nearly the official bag of the group, and something I considered picking up many times. I feel very lucky to be carrying Amy's now.


.x.Helen.x. said...

What a bittersweet post but so lovely that you all have a project to work on as a way to remember her. Sock knitting is much easier than you think - I found the hardest part was grafting the live stitches together at the end. Here's a link that might help: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer04/FEATtheresasum04.html and an other interesting article about socks: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/FEATsocks101.html

elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend! I think its great that you have reminders of her in the form of yarn. Good luck with the socks! (Helen's right, they're easy!)

Diane said...

Wow, that is just heartbreaking to read about someone so young dying. I clicked through to Amy's ravelry profile and her blog. What a nice way to remember her by finishing her monkey socks. The yarn is beautiful. Good luck with the project.