14 July 2010

WIP Wednesday #4 -- More Toast

More Toastiness

I'd like to say a big "in your face" to WIP Wednesday which has soundly defeated me for the last several months. While it has kicked my butt several months in a row, and while it sent out a virus to my son to try and take me out of the game, I still managed to beat it about the head by putting up this picture of my Toast.

You will note several things about this picture of a pair of armwarmers in progress which I'll more fully discuss in my finished project post (which will hopefully come soon), but I'd like to point out two of those things here.

One, you'll notice that I'm using a mish-mash of number 2 DPNs for this project. Three of them are Lantern Moon rosewood needles which I love with a passion. The other two are Brittany bamboos which I like but do not love. Both sets have been devastated by my cat Inigo, broken into pieces and splinters. While I love her, she's an evil kitty who's hell on my yarn and knitting implements.

Inigo in the Shade

Secondly, that leftover yarn I have to knit the remaining inches of the second armwarmer is pretty lean. Let's hope I can make it to the end, because if I have one and a half of a pair of armwarmers, I might scream in frustration.


mermaids said...

i am in the same boat in terms of hoping i have enough a yarn to finish a pair of socks. with fabric, it is so easy to tell if you have enough. how do you do that with yarn?!?!

Unknown said...

Are you working from one ball or did you split it into two balls of equal yardage before you started? D;

Kitten said...

I assume you are taunting me. I've NEVER run out of yarn for socks before even when knitting with half a skein because I have small feet. So I didn't even think to split the yarn here.

Mindy said...

The needles for my current sock are half Crystal Palace bamboo and half Knit Picks nickle plated DPN's. If it works, it's fine.

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