11 January 2011

I Want To Quilt -- No, REALLY

I know I'm not crafting much recently, but I've been really big into drawing (another creative hobby) and playing Japanese video games (another gigantic and useless time suck that leaves me better able to determine that the Japanese are really weird, but kind of awesome) and baking cookies (third batch of royally iced cookies so far). However, I was just sitting at my computer, trolling through my feeds, when I came across a fabric line that made me want to quilt HARDCORE.

Anyway, there I was, innocently looking at sewing blogs when Bookworm Bethie attacked. All sweetly, she posts about how she got a charm pack of Sherbet Pips from Moda. I hit NEXT SEWING BLOG on my browser, but then, I stopped and went back. Were those people on scooters? Were they wearing scarves? Were the scarves striped? Was it impossibly adorable? Check, check, check, check.

This line is done in red, pink, turquoise, grey, and white! It features people on scooters in the winter. It features little girls swinging. It was possibly designed with me in mind. I'm fairly sure of it!

I tried to think of skirts or sleep boxers I could make from some of the yardage, but I knew what I really wanted to do. I wanted a quilt. A nice simple quilt with lots of white to offset the busy patterns. I'm pretty sure that as soon as yardage becomes available in April, I'm picking up several yards of various pieces so I can make my dream quilt. Then that fabric can sit with my neglected needles and sewing machine and they can all cry about the fact that I ignore them.

Still... it's so cute that I suspect that I will not resist.


Helen said...

I would totally quilt if you could do it with a stapler.

Unknown said...

Yay, quilting!

That fabric line is very cute; I'm curious to see what you'll do with it.

bookwormbethie said...

thanks for the shout out ;)

embarassed that i'm belatingly replying to this! i did comment back to you about wanting to quilt on that post on my blog. if you can't find that post, click the 'sewing' tab at the top of my blog as i have some "bookmarks" of some amazing tutorials to teach you how to quilt, some are step-by-step with pictures, others are videos. you can totally do this. i taught myself, granted i'm just sewing squares together, nothing fancy, but it can be done!

sherbet pips are due out in a couple of months. the release is HIGHLY anticipated, buy what you want before the line goes out-of-print! i swapped my charm pack but now i'm over my fear of pre-cuts and plan on buying another charm pack + some yardage of some of the other sherbet pips prints.

happy quilting. if you think you might venture beyond using pre-cuts, go ahead and when joann's has their next 50% rotary cutting stuff, get yourself a self-healing cutting mat & rotary cutter (i recommend olfa) and a 6 x 24 ruler.