08 January 2009

Finished Projects 2008

Two thousand and eight was a good year for my crafting, believe it or not. I did quite a bit of knitting, pre-Nathan, and even a bit more after he was born. I got a sewing machine and learned some basics of sewing.

Crafting 2008

I am pretty proud of everything I did minus the bibs and the Ballband Dishcloth. I'm especially proud of the Cotton Booties and the Spiral Boot Socks. I wish I had some of the items here that I finished but didn't get pictures of, such as my mom's Apron (sewing) and Isaac's Baby Blanket (knitting).

My favorite finished object of 2008?

Sleepy Nathan

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KidSmartyPants said...

hehe. I agree about the favorite finished object of 2008. Great work on that one!