26 July 2009

Hello, Cupcake!

As many of you might know, I'm obsessed with Heather Ross, her fabric, and her book, Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching. I think her fabric is delightful and whimsical while still being usable.

When I fell in love with her book, I decided to do the simplest clothing pattern first, and we all know what that means. Pajama pants. Quick, cute, yet also useful around the house.

Pajama Pants

Pattern: Pajama Pants for Everyone from Weekend Sewing
Fabric: Printed Quilting Cotton from Jo-Ann

I really wanted to love these pajama pants, and they were mostly good, except for the following flaws:

1. The butt was tight, but the rest of the pants were normal. I'm not particularly booty blessed, so I'm not sure if this was because my hips are much larger than previously believed or if the pattern allowed for no butt at all. I will try to make myself a medium some time in the future to see if this resolves issues. After all, I need a flannel winter pair.

Backside Shot of Pants

2. The yardage called for was incorrect, even after I checked the errata. I bought three yards of the fabric even though two yards were called for. I'm very glad I did.

3. There was no "neaten the seams" instructions or hints in the book. I neatened a few seams on my own just to make the final product feel more finished.

4. I had the brilliant idea to put in a little tag in it to differentiate the back from the front. Only I stupidly put the tag in the front by accident.

Interior Details

The fabric I used was an adorable little woven cotton from Jo-Ann.

Fabric Detail

One suspects that this is the type of fabric that cheers a person up even when life is handing them sad no-cupcake days.

I'm definitely going to have to try the Yoga pants from Sew Everything Workshop as well, sometime in the future, but I do like these PJs. I want to make Nathan a slightly match-y pair. I love family matchiness!


It's so much fun doing a photo shoot on your front lawn in your PJs.


Unknown said...


bookwormbethie said...

okay you are freaking me out, i made sleep boxers with the same kind of fabric and also put a little tag inside too, and yuppers, oopsie put it in the front first ;)

my first sewing project was jammie bottoms but with me i have an mc hammer crotch issue, the crotch is so long!!!!!! but now that i've been sewing a bit longer now, i realize that i cut out a size too big, but even still, next time i make up my jammie bottoms, i'll probably have to raise the crotch up just a bit ;)

Kitten said...

Ha, bookwormbethie, I think you and I might have similar tastes. Every time I look through your blog, I'm all, "I love that fabric she's chosen!"

Also, I even like your name. I'm a bookworm myself.

Valerie Gould said...

This was lovely to reead