12 January 2010

Podcast Review: Stitch It

Oh man, folks. Oh man! It's been so so long since I last reviewed a podcast, and I'm sorry about that. I'm putting it out there, though, that I think I've found a new favorite. Meghan, over at Stitch It!, gives good podcast.

Normally, I don't care for super rambling podcasts in which everything from knitting to gardening to home life is discussed, but that could not be further from the truth with Meghan. Folks? She makes me want to garden. I mean, after listening to her summer backlog of episodes, I got all jazzed about the idea of gardening. In the dirt. With bugs. If you know me at all, you know that I've basically described a miracle.

She has a section for fiber, a section for 'townhomesteading', a section for babbling, a favorite thing, and several other sections, but I have to say that I like her babbling and townhomesteading stuff the best. This woman is the crazy person who considers keeping bees in her townhouse's yard, and I love it! Her stories of her son (a just turned three year old in the podcasts I'm listening to) are so entertaining that I tell my husband about them.

If you are at all interested in things like spinning or leading a more 'homesteading' lifestyle, this is the podcast for you. In fact, if you're not interested in that stuff, it still might be for you. Meghan's highly entertaining.

This is for you, Meghan. Your podcast is my new favorite thing!

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