09 January 2010

Weekend Randomness #1 - Wrapping Paper

Here's one of my new blogging categories -- random facts about me! Let's see how this goes. I'm considering trying Wordless Wednesday as well in the future, but I haven't committed fully to it being for this particular blog. I think Nathan and the house might be a better subject of wordlessness.

I am obsessed with wrapping paper and items related to wrapping presents. I love ribbon, gift tags, stickers, and even special tape dispensing tools. You can possibly tell where you stand with me by what wrapping paper I use for your gifts.

I have a system in which paper I do not like gets used for people I like less. For instance, while Nathan might get the last yard of my favorite, and still amusingly tacky, kittens sleeping in Christmas stockings; a random gift for Paul's office parties might get ugly dull paper that was clearly part of a boxed set of papers that someone (Paul or my mom) bought for me.

Wrapping Paper

At odds with this system is also the fact that I love to use up wrapping paper and related goods, so that while I love Nathan, he might also get ugly dull blue paper if I have only a snippet left, and he has a tiny gift left. Additionally, for huge gifts, I tend to use up a paper I don't really care for no matter my feelings for a person.

Every year, I finish up about three different Christmas paper rolls. This would be great if I didn't also buy a few rolls, and Paul always buys several rolls himself which are later given to me. If I were smart, I'd throw out some unloved wrapping paper, but I can never make myself do this. In fact, my mom depressed me hugely this year by whipping out five rolls of hideous paper that I remember her purchasing when I was in high school. Knowing my love of wrapping paper, she'd often purchase large boxed collections of them, only for me to like a single paper (if any) out of a box. Now I have five more ugly rolls of paper to use at her house, and she never has any gifts to give to anyone because she hates to give gifts to people. When she does give them gifts, she doesn't wrap the present.

Many a year I've given serious thought to paring down to two or three rolls of paper for a beautifully coordinated grouping of gifts under the tree, but I've never actually done this. I have, however, started to get really into how my presents are wrapped. (Thank you, design blogs!) I try to take care to wrap my presents using string and ribbons rather than just slapping a bow on top of them, though I do like a good bow when the situation calls for it.

I got several GREAT papers this year which are left unopened, including one which looks like fair isle knitting.

Wrapping Paper

These papers will be moved to the "gifts that Santa has wrapped" pile of secret papers next year. My plan is to have Santa introduce a new paper or two ever year, starting with three I've chosen to start with next year.

By the way, if I know you in real life, this post is also an offer. I will wrap ANY presents for you should you need present wrapping done. I have birthday paper, Christmas paper, wedding paper, baby shower paper, and random awesome papers. I am also, clearly, willing to buy paper for an occasion. Just come over with said item(s) and I will wrap.

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m said...

oooh I love the 'stitches' wrap. I'm in the middle of cleaning up my craft room and I can't believe how much wrapping paper I buy - it's ridiculous. Not to mention all the wrapping paper I keep from presents given to me !!! Lovely blog by the way :o)