16 January 2010

Weekend Randomness #2 -- Sleighs

I have a dream. One day, I want to ride in a sleigh. That's right, a horse-driven sleigh cutting through the snow. My sleigh's horses can possibly have bobbed tails, but none of the horses riding it would be named Bobtail.

image from pmarkham

I've had this dream for years, and I've come close. I've been to hotels, in the middle of winter, that offer sleigh rides, but never at the same time as actual snow. However, I am beginning to believe my dream will never come true. I mean, it's not just the sleigh and the horse(s). I also have a muff in my dream. And possibly a wool peacoat.

My dream has grown over the years too! Now, it includes an adorably dressed Nathan sitting near me and Paul on the other side of him. And when we get done with our sleigh ride, we'll go in for hot cocoa and read books.

I've clearly built this winter fantasy up in my head. I hope that if I achieve it, it will be everything that I hope.

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Unknown said...

If you do, we need pictures! Or it didn't happen. :P