07 January 2010

A Christmas Stocking

Growing up, I had no idea what sewing entailed besides that somehow it must require that giant desk/sewing machine that every woman I know had, but which was never in use. When my cousins moved over from California, I quickly found out that my clothes horse cousin was wearing a lot of handmade goods. Her mother would whip together things like fully lined cropped wool jackets for her that were just gorgeous. Occasionally, I'd receive a hand me down from my cousin (like said jacket), but I almost disbelieved that a human I knew could make polished clothing for real.

When my mom's family had their big New Year's Day celebration, my aunt was there with a nice gift for Nathan -- a handmade stocking.

Nathan's Christmas Stocking

There were other gifts too, but I knew I had to share this with you. The buttons are all sewn shank, and there are letter stickers placed over them.

Nathan's Christmas Stocking

My aunt even used a contrasting colored thread on the tie that holds the stocking to the mantle.

Nathan's Christmas Stocking

I sort of wonder if she ran out of the green thread that she used with the main print. If I had, I might have used red thread for the tie. I'll chalk it up to a bit of artistic flair, but if it was just a refusal to run to the craft store for thread at the last minute, I would totally understand.

This was a neat gift to receive after spending a year reading about sewing and attempting to finish projects. I'll make sure Nathan appreciates it one day! It'll also save him from my somewhat lame attempts to glue glitter onto a cheap-o stocking. I'm sparing you all from pictures of my sad stocking with the word 'Jenny' falling off of it.


Helen said...

It's adorable! I'm sure he will treasure it in years to come.

Unknown said...

Very cute stocking! I love how simple it is and doesn't look like Giftmas threw up on it. :)

I'm seriously in awe of people that can make their own patterns and plan to focus on that in 2011 and beyond...after I knit my ass off this year.

Your post got me thinking about Project Runway and how when they want to say that something is ugly, they often refer to it as "home sewn," "crafty," etc. It's too bad that often, when we think of homemade clothing, we get images of Bob-awful ugly things that no one in their right mind would want to wear. Then when we do see something totally awesome and homemade, we can not believe it and are amazed.